Gaye Kropf, Ph. D., C. Psych.

Gaye was born and raised in Southern California. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts at UCLA and her teaching certificate at California State University at Long Beach. After spending several years teaching troubled youths in the school system, Gaye developed an interest in counseling and decided to pursue her Masters in Educational Psychology. With her Masters degree under her belt, Gaye continued to work as a counselor in the school system for several years. Given her continued love of learning and adventure, Gaye then moved to Calgary to complete her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Upon graduation from the University of Calgary, Gaye was drawn to the health care field wherein she co-developed the psychosocial components of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Southern Alberta. She also worked for a number of years as an Employee Assistance Counselor in the area of occupational health.

Gay's doctoral level research on stress and illness continues to evolve, and has become an area of passion for her - both academically and clinically. As part of her clinical practice, she dedicates her time to helping individuals, organizational leaders, and corporate teams master the level of stress they experience.

As a corporate consultant, Gaye has worked with leaders in large municipal and federal agencies as well as in private industry to facilitate cultural, merger and human resource initiatives related to organizational change. Recently, Gaye has been involved in coaching and training organizational leaders and their staff members in addressing difficult interpersonal performance, conflict, and team development issues. She has also worked extensively with municipal emergency service organizations in building and maintaining individual and organizational wellness.

As part of her work with Paradigm Solutions, Gaye provides comprehensive psychological assessment for selection, succession planning, career transition, and performance development. She approaches both individual and organizational interventions from the perspective that, "if you build on that which is already positive and strong, you will be successful in addressing problems and overcoming weakness."

In her spare time, Gaye enjoys spending time with her animals, especially training and riding her Appaloosa horses. She takes every opportunity she can to 'ride in the hills' surrounding Calgary.