Ivan Zendel, Ph. D., C. Psych.

Ivan has worked as a psychologist with individuals, groups and organizations. He has held positions as the Coordinator of the Applied Psychology Centre at Concordia University, the Director of Research at the Constance Lethbridge Hospital in Montreal and the Director of Clinical Training at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. In addition, he has published extensively in scientific journals and the popular press. He is a dynamic presenter at workshops, public forums and conventions and is a recognized expert in stress mastery, interpersonal relationships, and psychological and organizational assessment. He has held appointments in the Faculties of Medicine and Education at the University of Calgary.

Ivan combines his skill as a people specialist with a broad knowledge and curiosity in other areas. His formal training includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology from McGill University. But his education does not stop there. He reads widely in fields ranging from auto mechanics to zoology. In 1985 Ivan founded Artifin, a company that developed automated expert advisory systems.

Ivan's diverse background and intense curiosity allow him to see things from many perspectives and to help his clients do the same. Clients frequently comment on his ability to challenge their perspectives and help them view a situation with new eyes.

Ivan loves change and it was this quality that led him to found Paradigm Solutions in 1994 where he continues to help people and organizations create change in ways that are both productive and fulfilling.

Ivan's passion to help organizations become more productive extends to his volunteer work as the president of the Jewish Family Service Calgary Board. In this capacity, he led a restructuring of the organization that has allowed it to grow and prosper. Ivan's eclectic interests include music and he is a true folkie. He plays guitar like Dylan and volunteers for the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Ivan also has three children and is constantly fascinated by watching them as they grow and become adults.